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How a Tonne of Non-reusable Duvets and Pillows Made a Huge Difference to FRN Member

Monday, 12 September 2016 08:38

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When toogoodtowaste were donated a mountain of duvets and pillows that they weren't able to sell or give away to people, they decided to put a message out on their social media channels. They asked their followers to share a post to anyone who might know an animal shelter that could benefit from using the items as bedding for their furry rescued friends. 

"Do you, or someone you know, run a rescue centre and would like some free animal bedding? We are delighted to have received a major donation from the Ministry of Defence of over 500 pre-owned duvets & pillows; these would make excellent beds for dogs & cats that are currently in rescue."


The response was massive. Their post was shared and shared, comments sprouted up like they had gone out of fashion and the likes just kept on coming. The post eventually reached over 860,000 people. Quite innocently, toogoodtowaste had tapped into a subject that everyone loved and wanted to be a part of - the welfare of animals. Their likes for their Facebook page increased as people wanted to keep up with the charitable work that toogoodtowaste did. Without planning, toogoodtowaste had gained the rapt attention of a person with different interests, but with a caring persona non-the-less. On the back of this exciting activity toogoodtowaste took this opportunity to celebrate their success at diverting these duvets and pillows from landfill to the homes of rescue animals and their social media accomplishments with a press release out to their local newspapers.


Exert from toogoodtowaste press release:

One of the rescue centres that received some of the duvets, Many Tears, based in Carmarthen were one of the first to arrive, Mair Gibbs, a volunteer at Many Tears, said, “These duvets are a god-send, they will help us make our dogs more comfortable and help keep them warm in the coming months as we move into the winter.”

Many Tears rehome over 2500 dogs each year so the demand for clean bedding is enormous.

Shaun England, Chief Executive Officer at toogoodtowaste said: “We are absolutely delighted that we are able to help other charities and organisations when we have a surplus of items, we have been inundated with requests for the bedding from all areas of the globe, we feel so humbled at the response but feel happy that we are able to help make the lives of animals in rescue so much better.”

All the duvets have now been allocated to 24 different animal rescue centres across the country from the local dog pound in the Rhondda who are right on their doorstep, Ty Nant Cat Sanctuary in Port Talbot and as far afield asJodies Cyprus Dog Rescue  and many, many more. 

This example really highlights the importance of being bold. Put everything onto social media, no matter how inconsequential the story may seem to you, it will always capture the interest of at least one person. That person might like, share or comment on your post, or they may talk about it to their friends - either way it will travel. And don't be afraid to reach out via your social media channels for any help from the public, whether it be to ask for support in reaching the right people to donate items to, or in requesting certain items that you might be low on and more. You never know what will work and what will not, so share your achievements and your successes, share your stories and experiences. Carpe Diem team - Seize the day.

The toogoodtowaste social media post that went viral.  



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