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As necessity is the mother of invention, could the 'upcycling' of unwanted wardrobes into Japanese accommodation 'capsules' be the next big thing for housing associations and social enterprise development?

Tuesday, 25 August 2015 14:02

A Supply Chain of Hope

Many furniture re-use charities started up in the 1980s and early 1990s to address the needs of homeless people and families living in crisis, and to solve a growing public concern and frustration that good unwanted furniture had become increasingly difficult to donate to charity, and usually ended up in landfill. Agencies such as Women’s Refuge and the Salvation Army ceased taking furniture due to tightening regulations on second hand items, and limited capacity for growth.


Is it time to forget about policy intervention bringing about the changes we are after? Should we be connecting and directing the vision and ideas of the think-tanks to the practitioners who are active in local communities and who are making a real difference on the ground to people’s lives? Why not let communities put the theory into practice? They are doing it already.

Austerity and Ambition for Society's Waste and Welfare


It is a few days since I presented at the Resourcing the Future conference in London and I am really quite motivated and inspired by what I heard there. For the first time since I’ve worked in this sector – I think the waste management, recycling and resources sector is having a reusable lightbulb moment, and are understanding the benefit of re-use for business as well as for the people that live in the society they serve.

Thursday, 25 June 2015 15:50



The 1st Waste Furniture Recycling Congress, 8-10 June 2015.

By Claire Charras, Customer Liaison Officer, FRN

As the French contingent at the FRN, and opportunely visiting my family in Paris at that time, I was designated as a suitable person to accompany Lesley to the 1st Waste Furniture Recycling Congress in Deauville, France at the start of June.
The conference was organised by Valdelia, the French compliance scheme for non-household furniture.

The First of it’s Kind - FRN Joins their international counterparts at Furnirec 2015 – The first International Recycling Congress. Lesley Wilcox speaks on FRN Take Back Schemes.

Once again, France lights the way to dramatically cut down on waste. Introduced in 2013, the ‘Eco-Tax’ is added to new furniture enforcing producer responsibility. This tax is used to finance and improve the recycling of used furniture.

Whether it is food or furniture or some of the finer things in life that we all need or want– when it comes down to it, we all need food, shelter and basic home comforts to live and feel part of today's society.

Reflecting on recent announcements on the bans and petitions to stop wasting food from supermarkets, the content of the Queen's Speech for the opening of Parliament, and the EU Circular Economy consultation – this is a good time for a more holistic view to be adopted – be it policy or practice.

Wednesday, 11 March 2015 14:20

Reuse in a Changing Landscape

The recent FRN conference has highlighted and strengthened the resolve of social economy reuse operators across the UK to combat social inequalities with tried, tested and new partnerships - so that reuse for social profit stands out as leading the way for a fairer and more equal society within the emerging circular economy.

Thursday, 05 February 2015 13:12

A Partial Repair to the Safety Net

The Government’s decision this week (3rd Feb 2015) to award £74 million to upper-tier local authorities in order to support local welfare assistance (LWA) schemes is fantastic and welcome news for the charities and the local authorities that have campaigned for its restoration, but most importantly for the hundreds of thousands of vulnerable people living in crisis in this country.

Thursday, 08 January 2015 14:25

Stop the Cruellest Cut of All

Apparently, the Government received over 5000 responses to the consultation on Local Welfare Assistance Funding back in November 2014. A phenomenal response, showing the strength of feeling about the loss of this vital last life-line or `safety net’ for people in crisis; FRN is still waiting for a direct response from Government about our concerns.

But guess what? When the Government announced Local Authority Financial Settlement plans on 19th December 2014, it also announced yet another consultation on the subject.

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